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Chaplin Music Scores

Music score for Modern Times
Music score for Modern Times

Orchestral Scores

Chaplin composed music for many of his films. The film scores, restored principally by Timothy Brock, are available for hire from Bourne Co. You’ll find several perusal scores on Bourne’s website: scroll down until you get to “WORKS ON RENTAL, Orchestra”, where you will find the Chaplin titles in the alphabetical list.

For Chaplin film screenings with live orchestra, please visit our website dedicated to screenings with live orchestra for more detailed information.

The following scores are also available from Bourne Co.:

  • Modern Times Suite, arranged in 2003 by Timothy Brock (lasts about 20 minutes)

  • The Reel Chaplin

  • Charlie Chaplin Selections for Concert Band, arranged by Marcel Peeters, includes extracts from: Limelight Theme (from Limelight), Morning Promenade (from The Kid), This is My Song (from A Countess from Hong Kong), Titine (from Modern Times), Mandolin Serenade (from A King in New York), Green Latern Rag (from A Dog’s Life), Falling Star (from The Great Dictator), Napoli March (from The Great Dictator), Ze Boulevardier (from The Great Dictator)

The Songs of Charlie Chaplin

In 1992, Bourne Co. published a collector’s edition of sheet music for piano and vocals comprised of music written by Charlie Chaplin: Smile, Sing a Song, Now That It’s Ended, Weeping Willows, Mandolin Serenade, Falling Star, Without You, You are the Song, Beautiful, Wonderful Eyes, The Spring Song, Eternally, The Terry Theme

The Songs of Charlie Chaplin, Published by Bourne
The Songs of Charlie Chaplin, Published by Bourne

Oh! That Cello!

Edition Kunzelmann has published arrangements for cello and piano of several Chaplin pieces, including The Peace Patrol, Oh! That Cello, and There’s Always One you Can’t Forget.

Visit Bourne’s website or contact us for more information about available music.

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