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Chaplin And Agee: The Untold Story Of The Tramp, The Writer, And The Lost Screenplay

“Chaplin and Agee” charts the friendship between James Agee, author of “Let us now Praise Pamous men” and the pulitzer prize - winning “A Death in the Family” and screenwriter for classic american films, including the “African Queen”, and Charles Chaplin, who starred in nearly a hundred films from 1914 - 1967. This friendship emerged in the midst of the tumult of the 40’s and 50’s, with the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Mac Carthysm , and blacklisting.

In print here for the first time is Agee’s amazing screenplay, “The Tramp’s New World”, lost until recently. The striking screenplay - a comedy “so dark it was without precedent” - was written in 1947 for Chaplin’s little tramp character and set in a post apocalyptic New York City. Chaplin and Agee also features many previously unpublished letters, and photographs. As the story moves between Hollywood and Greenwich Village - this two figures come to life - revealing the untold story of the great bond between 2 influential twentieth-century artists.