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A Photo Diary

Several years ago Michel Comte discovered that the Chaplin office held an extensive photo archive, consisting of thousands of glass negatives, negatives and photographic prints.

Chaplin’s life and work was documented with passionate enthusiasm: private photographs taken by his friends, his family and his children had been collected and kept, as well as officals photographs made during shootings and work in Hollywood Studios. Many of this photographs have never been published. From this tremendous find Michel Comte has put together a sensitive album wich shows a hitherto unknown Charlie Chaplin. He has concentrated on Chaplin’s trips round the world, “snapshots” with artist colleagues and visiting dignitaries, with relatives, his children and grand children. This exceptionnal book begins in the 1909, and follows Chaplin’s life step by step, presenting an artist who “acted” throughout his life, and who was also “in the limelight” in his private life too.

Edited by Steidl