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Chaplin Film Concerts

For information about screening a Chaplin film with live orchestra, please visit our website dedicated to Chaplin film concerts. You can also download this pdf file or contact Roy Export SAS directly.

The Chaplin films owned by Roy Export, all those made by Chaplin from 1918 onwards (except A Countess from Hong Kong), may only be accompanied by Chaplin’s full symphonic score, either played live by an orchestra or on the film’s actual soundtrack. The films made by Chaplin before 1918 for Keystone, Essanay and Mutual are in public domain, so there is no copyright for the films themselves. However, different people or companies may have copyright in and to any image restoration they have carried out on the films, or in and to the music put on a particular video or DVD to accompany the films. Therefore, you cannot just screen from a DVD that you buy in a shop because it may contain such copyright material.

Enquiries Concerning Live Orchestral Screenings in Germnay

For live orchestral screenings in Germany, contact Europäische FilmPhilharmonie - EFPI - GmbH.

Enquiries Concerning Live Orchestral Screenings in German-speaking Switzerland

For live orchestral screenings in German-speaking Switzerland, please contact Brothers & Sisters GmbH.

Enquiries Concerning Live Orchestral Screenings in Italy

For live orchestral screenings in Italy, please contact MAMUSIC.

Music Publishers

To licence the use of Chaplin’s music, please contact our music publishers:
Bourne Co.
35 West 45th Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10036
Phone: 212 391 4300
Fax: 212 391 4306

The following perusal scores are now available on Bourne’s website (scroll down the list until you get to “WORKS ON RENTAL, Orchestra”, where you will find the Chaplin titles in the alphabetical list.) :

City Lights - Modern Times - The Circus - The Gold Rush (full and reduced scores) - The Idle Class - The Kid (full and reduced scores) – A Dog’s Life (reduced score) – Shoulder Arms (full and reduced scores).

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