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The Gold Rush

Big gold rush dance of the rolls
Year :
Cast :
Charles Chaplin, Georgia Hale, Mack Swain, Tom Murray, Henry Bergman, Malcolm Waite, Betty Morrissey, Joan Lowell, John Rand, Heinie Conklin, Albert Austin, Allan Garcia, Tom Wood, Stanley J Sandford...
Production :
United Artists
Description :
A calm and content Little Tramp seeks his fortune in the hidden gold mines of the Klondike. All calm is quickly lost, however, when another prospector, just as famished as he is, begins mistaking him for a giant chicken. In this world where shoe laces become spaghetti and bread rolls become ballet shoes, Chaplin, the alchemist, turns gold into poetry.
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Thumb gold rush eating boots n 55

The Gold Rush Synopsis

Synopsis of the film exactly as written by the Chaplin Studios in 1925

Thumb gold rush eating boots n 55

Filming The Gold Rush

Charles Chaplin made "The Gold Rush" out of the most unlikely sources for comedy...

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"Sing a Song" and "With You, Dear, in Bombay"

These tunes were recorded in 1925 by the Abe Lyman orchestra. As a publicity stunt, Chaplin conducted the band during the recording session. It coincided with the release of The Gold Rush...

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How The Gold Rush Was Made

As publicity man for his film, Chaplin hired Jim Tully, who was to achieve fame in the 20s as America’s “hobo writer”. This article by Tully appeared in the original English programme for The Gold Rush

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The Music of The Gold Rush

Silent films were never truly silent: the live musical accompaniment provided in the theatres was a vital element of the cinema-going experience...

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Art a la Carte

"The Gold Rush" press clipping from the Chaplin archives