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His New Job

Big essanay his new job
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Charles Chaplin, Ben Turpin, Charlotte Mineau, Charles Insley, Leo White, Frank J. Coleman, Bud Jamison, Gloria Swanson, Agnes Ayres, Billy Armstrong
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Description :
Chaplin’s first Essanay comedy—and appropriately titled—was the only film he made at Essanay’s Chicago studio. As with his Keystone films, A Film Johnnie (1914) and The Masquerader (1914), Chaplin chose to set the action in a film studio. Charlie is hired as a prop man and is soon demoted to a carpenter’s assistant at the Lockstone studio (a play on his former employer, Keystone) before given the chance to act, which ends in disaster. The film was Chaplin’s first pairing with cross-eyed comedian Ben Turpin and features an early appearance by Gloria Swanson as a secretary. It is also notable for several tracking shots, despite Chaplin’s reputation for static cinematography, which was seldom used in film comedy of the period.
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