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A Jitney Elopement

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Year :
Cast :
Charles Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Fred Goodwins, Leo White, Lloyd Bacon, Paddy McGuire, Carl Stockdale, Ernest Van Pelt, Bud Jamison
Production :
Description :
Charlie must rescue his sweetheart, Edna, from an arranged marriage by posing as Count Chloride de Lime, the man to whom Edna is betrothed but whom neither she nor her father ever seen. The film ends with a car chase, featuring a Ford automobile, a target of contemporary humor. Impersonation/ mistaken identity was a device Chaplin enjoyed. Having used it previously in Her Friend the Bandit (1914) and Caught in a Cabaret (1914), he would return to it in such films as The Count (1916), The Idle Class (1921), and The Great Dictator (1940). Among the wonderful bits of comic transposition in the film is a bit of business Chaplin had performed in Fred Karno’s music hall sketch Jimmy the Fearless: Charlie, attempting to slice a bread roll, continues in a spiral cut, turning the roll into a concertina.
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