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Weeping Willows

Music and Lyrics by Charles Chaplin for A King in New York, 1957

Chaplin’s own recording of this song exists in the Chaplin archives, but the tape has unfortunately deteriorated and the sound needs considerable restoration.

Listen to an instrumental version here:

Weeping Willows - Lyrics

I’ve got the weeping willows
And I’m stepping through plate windows
On account of you
Oh my lord, what shall I do, what shall I do?
I love you so
And yet I know you can’t be true
If I only had a will to get away
But you have me in your spell both night and day

You have me in your power every moment every hour
Leave me now or let me go
Why oh why torment me so?

I despise you, idolise you, I adore you, I implore you
Let me be free
From this tyranny of love
I’m stepping through plate windows over you

Music and Lyrics by Charles Chaplin. Publisher: Bourne Co. All Rights Reserved.

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