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"Sing a Song" and "With You, Dear, in Bombay"

 Chaplin conducting the Abe Lyman orchestra
Chaplin conducting the Abe Lyman orchestra

These tunes were recorded in 1925 by the Abe Lyman orchestra. As a publicity stunt, Chaplin conducted the band during the recording session. It coincided with the release of the film The Gold Rush in 1925. The songs may have been played in cinemas before the film, or the sheet music to the songs used during the film by the cinema musicians to accompany certain scenes.

Charlie Chaplin and the Abe Lyman Orchestra
Charlie Chaplin and the Abe Lyman Orchestra

Sing a Song - Lyrics

Music and Lyrics by Charles Chaplin, Abe Lyman and Gus Arnheim. Publisher: Bourne Co. All rights reserved

Most all our worldly troubles
Are only drifting bubbles
Most all our cares and sorrows
Are gone with our tomorrows
So don’t you let them fret you
Or some day they will get you
When skies are grey stop work and play
And laugh your cares away

Just smile and swing along
The while you sing a song
Your troubles fade away
When you are gay
If all your cares appear
As dark as night
You’ll find it won’t be long
With just a song, they’ll be all right
And when you’re feeling blue
And so unhappy too
When all your skies are grey
And shadows fall
Things are not what they seem
You’ll find them just a dream
If you will sing a song
Swing along too

Just turn your tears to laughter
And joy will follow after
If May days you remember
You’ll soon forget December
Instead of asking pity
Just say you’re sitting pretty
Then you will see that life will be
A wondrous melody

Just smile and swing along
The while you sing a song etc

With You, Dear, in Bombay - Lyrics

Music and Lyrics by Charles Chaplin

When golden palms are swaying
Mid perfumed breezes playing
My thoughts are straying night and day
Where mystic waters gleaming
Beneath the starlight beaming
I’m always dreaming of Bombay
Temple bells are ringing in the air
Wonderland your love commands me there

Soon I’ll sail away, sail to old Bombay
Where your arms and your charms will hold me
Skies of fairest blue, eyes of rarest hue
Haunt me, taunt me endlessly
Tantalising lights I’m heeding your call
Oriental nights I love most of all
When I’m there I’ll pray
I can always stay
With you near in my dear Bombay

When nightly shades are falling
And birds their mates are calling
Comes then the hour I dream of you
With love my heart is filling
And all the world is thrilling
I know tis then you’re dreaming too
Fragrant roses silvered in the dew
Tell her that my love will e’er be true


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