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"Oh! That Cello" and "There’s Always One you Can’t Forget"

In 1916, Charles Chaplin set up his own music publishing company in association with Bert Clark, an English vaudeville comedian:

“We had rented a room three storeys up in a down town office building and printed two thousand copies of two very bad songs and musical compositions of mine - then we waited for customers. The enterprise was collegiate and quite mad. I think we sold three copies, one to Charles Cadman, the American composer, and two to pedestrians who happened to pass our office on their way downstairs.”

The Charles Chaplin Music Company closed shop after publishing his first three compositions: “Oh! That Cello”, “There’s Always One you Can’t Forget”, and “The Peace Patrol”.

Oh! That Cello - Lyrics

Written and composed by Charles Chaplin (1916)

The autumn leaves were swaying
A music man was playing
I heard a girlie saying
I love that fellow
Who plays that cello
His music so appealing
Into my heart comes stealing
I get a wondrous feeling
From that melody

Oh That cello, it sounds so sweet and mellow
When I hear you play that cello
I get dreaming I get a sentimental mood
A loving feeling
Play that music once again
That fascinating mating Love refrain
Oh memories that burn and pain
Play that Cello for me once again.

That fellow heard her saying
Oh how she loved his playing
So there was no delaying
They never tarried
Until they married
There’s now a little fellow
Whose voice is not so mellow
For when he starts to bellow
To that melody

There’s Always One you Can’t Forget - Lyrics

Written and composed by Charles Chaplin (1916)

I sit alone at twilight gazing in the firelight glow
And my memory takes me back again
To days of long ago
Those happy days when you and I
Would share the sun and rain
Ah! What would I give,
if I could live those happy days again

There’s always one you can’t forget
There’s always one, one vain regret
Tho grief is dead, memory survives
Fate linked we two, mated our lives
Why did we meet only to part
Love comes but once into the heart
Tho it may cause pain and regret
There’s always one you can’t forget.

Though destiny decreed that we should live our lives apart
Yet your memory dear will ever be
Engraven in my heart
The pain and anguish we endured
Unspoken and unseen
Why it nearly breaks my heart
To think of that which might have been

“Oh! That Cello” and “There’s Always One you Can’t Forget” Lyrics and Music by Charles Chaplin. All rights reserved.

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