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Ode to a Worm

Spring Song in Limelight is followed by a verging-on-the-surreal scene with Terry (Claire Bloom) as a kind of ballerina doll, to whom after a very witty exchange of pleasantries, including absurdities such as “The bees’ behaviour in the beehive is unbelievable”, Calvero (Charles Chaplin) recites the “Ode to a Worm”:

Ode to a Worm

Oh worm, why do you turn
Into the earth from me?
Tis spring! Oh worm
Lift up your head -
Whichever end that be -
And smile at the sun
untwine your naked form
And with your tail, fling
High the dirt in ecstasy
Tis spring - Tis spring - Tis spring.

Limelight © Roy Export S.A.S.

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