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Charles Chaplin, Claire Bloom, Buster Keaton, Sydney Chaplin, Norman Lloyd, Marjorie Bennett, Wheeler Dryden, Nigel Bruce, Barry Bernard, Leonard Mudie, Snub Pollard, Charles Chaplin Jr., Geraldine Chaplin, Michael Chaplin, Josephine Chaplin...
Production :
United Artists
Description :
Calvero, once a famous Music Hall star, now a washed-up old man, saves a neighbor from suicide. He nurtures the young ballerina with paralyzed legs back to health, and helps her regain her self-esteem, so that she may return to the stage. In this film Chaplin intimately and poignantly explores the twilight years of glory: what it means to be forgotten, to despair, and how to gather the strength to overcome. Chaplin also offers Buster Keaton a highly memorable appearance in their musical duet.
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Animal Trainer

We hear Animal Trainer twice in Limelight - once in a dream, which turns into a nightmare, and secondly, to much applause, at the gala performance arranged in Calvero's honour at the end of the film...

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As in Chaplin’s scores to "City Lights" and "Modern Times", the heroine’s presence is often accompanied by the same musical theme...

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"Charlie directed by action—by touch—and not with words"

A telephone interview with Julian Ludwig, who played a small role as one of the three buskers in Limelight

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The Professor

Is the unreleased film "The Professor" really “the major mystery in the Chaplin canon"?

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Limelight and the Hollywood Ballet Fad

There seemed to be a sort of fad in the years following World War II of including ballet sequences in films...

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Limelight Synopsis

Calvero, a one-time comedy star of the music halls, now fallen on hard times, returns home to his lodgings in his habitual state of inebriation...

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Ode to a Worm

From a scene in Limelight

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Sardine Song

Music and Lyrics by Charles Chaplin

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Filming Limelight

Charles Chaplin made "Limelight" at the most troubled period of his adult career In the late 1940s, America's Cold War paranoia reached its peak...

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Spring Song

Music and Lyrics by Charles Chaplin

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Extracts from the typescript of "Hollywood Chaplin"

by Henry Gris, United Press staff correspondent on the set of Limelight, 1952