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The Film and Entertainment auction London December 2004

Chaplin items from Maurice Bessy’s collection will be offered in the forthcoming Film and Entertainment Christie auction on Tuesday 14 December 2004 at 2pm at Christie South Kensington, London.

Viewing Times :
* Sunday 12 December 1pm-4pm * Monday 13 December 9am-7.30pm * Tuesday 14 December 9am-12 noon

Various Chaplin items will be available such as a rare prop moustache from Chaplin’s famous Tramp costume ( estimate: ?3,000-?5,000); his cane from “Modern Times”:/en/articles/6 (Estimate:?8,000-?12,000); his truncheon from Easy Street and his whistle from “City Lights”:/en/articles/4 (estimate ? 1,500-?2,500)

The catalogue for the auction is about to be produced and will be available shortly.

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