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New French DVD & Blu-ray Release: A WOMAN OF PARIS

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The new 4K restoration of A WOMAN OF PARIS has just been released on blu-ray and DVD by POTEMKINE films in France.

This exciting edition includes a recently recorded soundtrack based upon Chaplin’s 1976 score for the film and on a selection of his 1952-1969 composition sketches, restored, orchestrated, and conducted by Timothy Brock. According to Brock, “Over the course of many weeks I aurally transcribed what Chaplin was working out on the piano, and identified about 14 finished compositions and about 20 un-finished, or incomplete, musical ideas. It is these pieces, in conjunction with some of the 1977 score, that make up the new posthumous score, 100% composed by Chaplin. I developed the new score as best I could in the Chaplin earmarks and idioms, and orchestrated it in the model of CITY LIGHTS, which was Chaplin’s earliest personal attempt at orchestration, some 8 years after A WOMAN OF PARIS.” Recording by the Orchestra Città Aperta. Audio Post Production by l’Immagine Ritrovata.

Bonus materials:
- Introduction by David Robinson (5’)
- Chaplin Today: A Woman of Paris - Documentary by Mathias Ledoux with the participation of Liv Ullmann. (27’)
- Presentation of rare archives with commentary by Arnold Lozano of the Chaplin Office (9’)
- Outtakes
- United Artists signature archival footage