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2007 is the 30th anniversary of Charlie Chaplin's death

He died on Christmas Day, 1977.
In 2007, people will be celebrating his life and work again.

  • The photographic exhibition “Chaplin In Pictures”:/infos/7 is in Bologna, Italy from June 1st through October 30th 2007 in Sala Borsa and will continue to tour in Barcelona, Madrid, Palma, Tarragone, Girone, Stockholm, Sweden …

  • “MK2”: will re-release three films in cinemas all over France at Christmas 2007 with new high definition restorations:

    “The Kid”, “The Circus” and “The Gold Rush” in December 2007.

  • “Cineteca Bologna”:/articles/102 has decided to show the majority of Chaplin’s films during their “film festival”:en/infos/158 in June and July 2007. They will also complete their scanning of the Chaplin document archives and the complete archive will be available on the “Chaplin Project website”: for summer 2007.

  • “Live orchestral screenings”:/live_performances of Chaplin’s films with his own music are already booked in Bilbao, Aalborg, Oslo, Aachen, Florence, Lahti, Trento, Bologna, Metz, Sydney Brazil, Kyoto, Norway… There is room for many more.

  • “Taschen”:/en/articles/38 published a new Icons book devoted to Chaplin, and other books are under preparation in collaboration in particular with Le Mani, Cineteca di Bologna, The BFI and Les Cahiers du Cinéma. Bayard will publish french books for children too.

  • The premiere of the Chaplin musical by Marc and Norbert Nacash will hopefully take place in Paris in autumn 2008.

Should you wish to organise a Chaplin event please “contact us”:/en/contacts.

You will find further information about all our activities and details of live orchestral screenings in particular on the “News and Live Performances pages of our website”:/live_performances

Fundraising live orchestral screening of The Pilgrim

Fundraising live orchestral screening of The Pilgrim (1922) in aid of:
- Thurston County Food Bank
- Union Gospel Mission Free Dental Clinic

On February 24, 2007 in the First Christian Church.
With a 13 piece professional orchestra conducted by Timothy Brock.

For more information, please see: “First Christian Church”:

Live orchestral screenings of Easy Street, The immigrant and the Adventurer

“The London Sinfonietta”: presents Benedict Mason’s ChaplinOperas in a 6 date UK tour which includes a London performance at The Coronet, the South London venue where the young Chaplin first performed on stage.
From Saturday 24 February to Tuesday 6 March 2007

For more information, please see: “London Sinfonietta”:

Small exhibition

Exhibition from 16th April to 1st May 2007 in a commercial centre in St Gallen (Switzerland).
A Chaplin fan, Daniel Bertsch will present his collection of figurines, merchandising items, stamps, posters, so that children of the small town can share his enthusiasm for Chaplin. Clips from “The Kid”, “The Gold Rush” and “Modern Times” will be screened.

Please see: “Santispark”:

BBC Radio 3 "Chaplin, Celebrity and Modernity"

The BBC Radio 3 programm “Chaplin, Celebrity and Modernity” will be broadcast on the 4th of March at 21.30 on “BBC Radio 3”:
Introduced by Mark Kermode

Musical cards

Beautiful musical cards with music and images from “City Lights”:/articles/4 and “Modern Times”:/articles/6
Available from “Hallmark”: