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The Chaplin-kono Conference in Japan March 2006

The Chaplin Society of Japan will hold the Chaplin-Kono Conference in Kyoto in Japan from the 25th to 27th of March 2006.The aim of the Chaplin-Kono Conference is to reassess Charlie Chaplin and his secretary Kono Totaichi. Kono worked for Chaplin from 1916 to 1934 and was Chaplin’s right hand man. But little is known about him. However a lot of new materials were found recently and Kono’s biography is becoming clear.

There will also be an exhibition of the huge amount of collection by Higashijima Tomie’s large collection, wich includes Chaplin’s portrait with his autograph for Kono, Chaplin’s train ticket, Virginia Cherrill’s portrait with her autograph for Kono, more than 300 precious photos such as Chaplin and Al Jolson or Kono and Laurel and Hardy or Ida Lupino, Kono’s own srapbook with a lot of precious newspaper clippings from those days, more than 500 pieces of letters to Kono and Chaplin and so on.

Ms Higashijima Tomie, Kono’s second wife, will talk about her memories of Kono.This conference and exhibition will offer new information on Chaplin.

We are looking for papers for the Chaplin-Kono Conference. The main emphasis is on Chaplin and Kono or Chaplin’s international influence. But papers do not neccessarily have to be on these topics. We are calling for papers on a wide range of Chaplin study. If you would like to contribute, please inform us by the end of January 2006.

Please contact:

Ono Hiroyuki The Chaplin Society of Japan Tel/Fax +81 (0)75-751-2992 [The Chaplin Society of Japan->]}}

March 25th 2006:

  • Professor Frank Scheide “The influence of English Music Hall on the Nonverbal Expression of Charles Spencer Chaplin”.

  • Cecilia Ceaciarelli from {The Cineteca di Bologna} will talk about Chaplin’s unmade project.

  • Davide Pozzi from {The Cineteca di Bologna}will talk about restoration of Chaplin’s films with a screening of Keystone films.

  • Professor Kathryn Millard will talk about Chaplin’s imitators and will screen clips from her new documentary on Chaplin’s imitators.

March 26th 2006:

  • Professor Nakagaki Kotaro “Chaplin and American culture”

  • Professor Hattori Yuki “The History of Japan’s acceptance of Chaplin”

  • David Robinson will talk about Music Hall and Chaplin.

  • Ono Hiroyuki will talk about “Chaplin and Japan “Kono Toraichi”

  • Clyde Kusatsu will talk about Kono and will screen clips from his new documentary on Kono: Chaplin’s driver.

  • Professor Constance B.Kuriyama will talk about Kono and von Ulm.

  • Higashijima Tomie will talk about her husband Kono

  • The actress Kuroyanagi Tomie will talk about Chaplin, whom she met in New York in 1972.

  • Josephine Chaplin will talk about her father, interviewed by Ono Hiroyuki.

Charlie Chaplin The Essential Film Music Collection March 2005

Music composed by Charles Chaplin and Carl Davis recorded by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Carl Davis.

2 CD set including: “Modern Times”:/en/articles/6 “The Great Dictator”:/en/articles/13 “The Circus”:/en/articles/1 “The Gold Rush”:/en/articles/5 A Countess from Hong Kong, “City Lights”:/en/articles/4 “The Kid”:/en/articles/3 “Monsieur Verdoux”:/en/articles/8 “Limelight”:/en/articles/7 The Reel Chaplin and suites from: The Floorwalker (1916) The Fireman (1916) The Vagabond (1916)One A.M (1916) The Count (1916) Behind the Screen (1916) The Rink (1916) Easy Street (1917) The Cure( 1917) The Immigrant (1917) The Adventurer (1917) composed by Carl Davis.

Distributed by Silva Screen Records

Festival "Du Rire aux Larmes" December 2006

French National cinema re-release of high definition restorations of “The Gold Rush”:/en/articles/5 “The Circus”:/en/articles/1 and “The Kid”:/en/articles/3

Charlie Chaplin goes into fashion !

“Donaldson Inc” and Bubbles Inc are proud to announce that a license agreement for the creation of a ready-to-wear clothing line inspired on the life and work of Charlie Chaplin, has been signed in Brussels on 23 November 2005.

This license is a world première and regulates the future creation and development of collections of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing and accessories, but also household articles.

This exclusive agreement gives birth to the brand CHAPLIN and concerns the European countries, Russia, North Africa and Taiwan.

  • Josephine Chaplin: “My brothers,sisters and myself are very glad to give Marcy Szwarcburt a license for a ready-to-wear clothing line. It is the first time that our company Bubbles is involved in such an important project. The reason why we are doing so, is because we believe in the quality and the creativity of Donaldson.”

A new book : "Chaplin, Stage by Stage"

quote: “If you believe that everything that could be written about Charlie Chaplin has been written - then prepare to be shocked! Admittedly, there are scores of books on Chaplin, plus hundreds, if not thousands of magazine articles, but just how many of these gives us the true facts about Chaplin? Maybe a handful! […]

CHAPLIN - Stage by Stage By “A.J” Marriot Published 21st November 2005

Charlie Chaplin: The Forgotten Years October 2005

When Charles Chaplin was forced to leave the USA in 1952, he found harbor in Switzerland and settled in a small village on Lake Geneva where he lived with his family until the end of his life in 1977. In his autobiography, written from his new home, he calls these the happiest years.

In this film, the audience is invited to gain rare insight into his family-life and his love for “The Circus”:/en/articles/1 Chaplin’s children Geraldine, Michael and Eugene talk about their father and many friends, colleagues and contemporaries share their very intimate memories as well as highly entertaining anecdotes with the viewer. This documentary focuses for the first time on his later films and projects and gives evidence of Chaplin’s prolific years as a musical composer of 500 pieces of music. In this homage, Chaplin’s life will be illustrated by newly found unique footage from private archives.

Distributed by Hart Sharp Video

The Unknown Chaplin DVD October 2005

The BFI is actually planning to release the {{Unknown Chaplin in DVD}} : the classic documentary series by Kevin Brownlow and David Gill

Discovering films by Chaplin never before seen in public was, according to film historian Kevin Brownlow, “the equivalent of finding long-lost sketchbooks by Rembrandt”.

{{The Unknown Chaplin}} uses these films to give a unique insight into Chaplin the filmmaker rather than Chaplin the myth, showing his genius at work. Kevin Brownlow’s and David Gill’s studies of leading film-makers have set new standards of research and accessibility and helped create fresh interest in the pioneers of cinema.

{{“Chaplin, the perfectionist, the dervish on set, has a haunting melancholy beauty about him”}} {Daily Express}

{{“Kevin Brownlow and David Gill are detectives of the first order, the Holmes and Watson of the silent cinema. Their clues: fragile strips of celluloid. Their solutions: terrific reconstructions of silent films.”}} {USA Today}

{{“For nearly three hours we are privileged to see the greatest comic mind at work”}} {The Times}