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Paroles - "Animal Trainer"

Les Feux de la rampe, 1952
Les Feux de la rampe, 1952

Les Feux de la Rampe est le premier film où l’on retrouve et les paroles et la musique de Chaplin sur une bande originale. Chaplin y interprète un artiste de music-hall autrefois célèbre qui rêve la nuit venue des chansons qu’il interpréta jadis. Chaplin avait déjà imaginé l’idée du cirque de puces en 1919, dans un film intitulé “The Professor” et qui n’est jamais sorti sur les écrans. On entend deux fois “Animal Trainer” dans Les Feux de la Rampe - une fois dans un rêve qui tourne au cauchemar, lorsque son personnage, Calvero, réalise que le théâtre est entièrement vide, une autre fois, dans un tonnerre d’applaudissements, lors de la représentation de gala donnée en son honneur à la fin du film.

Animal Trainer

Musique et paroles de Charles Chaplin

I’m an animal trainer
A circus entertainer
I’ve trained animals by the score
Lions, tigers and wild boar.
I’ve made and lost a fortune
In my wild career.
Some say the cause was women
And some say it was beer.

Then I went through bankruptcy
And lost my whole menagerie
But I did not despair.
I got a bright idea.
While searching through my underwear
A thought occurred to me
I’m tired of training elephants
So why not train a flea?
Why should I hunt for animals
And through the jungle roam
When there’s local talent
To be found right here at home?

I found one but I won’t say where
And educated him with care.
And taught him all the facts of life
And then he found himself a wife.
I give them board and lodgings free
And every night they dine off me
They don’t eat caviar or cake
But they enjoy a good rump steak
Off my anatomy (bis).
It is an odd sensation
When after meals they take a stroll
Around the old plantation.

Now I’m as happy as can be
I’ve bought them lots of tricks you see
And now they’re both supporting me
They’re both supporting me.

Walk up, walk up
I’m the greatest show on earth
Walk up, walk up
And get your money’s worth
See Phyllis and Henry
Those educated fleas
Cavorting and sporting
On the flying trapeze
So any time you itch
Don’t scratch or make a fuss
You never can tell you might destroy
Some budding genius.

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